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The Legends Unite
Sweet Planet

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Sweet Planet is the fifth level in The Legends Unite.


  • Licorish Snake
  • Chocolate Scorpion
  • Taffy Worm (mini boss)
  • Sweet Cobra (boss)


Sweet Planet is a combination of a forest (which is candy cane trees with taffy leaves), a desert (which is yellow cake, a chocolate pyramid and Nesquik Sand which first appeared in the film Wreck-It Ralph) and a snowy iceberg (which is white cake, ice cream and mint snowflakes). The enemies including Licorish Snakes, Chocolate Scorpions, a Taffy Worm and one giant Sweet Cobra are made out of candy and sweets. This stage's world map icon is one giant pink and green taffy and miny chocolate chip candy bar-made planet including a Cool-Aid Cup-made metropolis town called Cool-Aid Metropolis on it.


  • This level is a reference to Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors exept the level is not made out of non-sweet unhealthy food.
  • Suggested Playable Characters are:
    • Wreck-It Ralph
    • Vanellope Voniran Schweetz
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • This level is not made out of burgers, hot dogs and pizza.
  • In this level's first cutscene, Ben Tennyson says "Why do we have feet on food?" and Wreck-It Ralph says "This is not food. This is sweets and candy". Vanellope says "This is a reference to my game's world" and Sonic the Hedgehog says "You mean Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors".