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The Legends Unite
Forest Palace

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Forest Palace is the seventh level in The Legends Unite.


  • Decoy Knight
  • Decoy Assasin
  • Decoy Wizard (mini boss)
  • Samurai Statue (boss)


Forest Palace is a combination of a fortress and a forest. It has no dragon statues at all. It has knight and assasin statues, a wizard statue and one grand famous samurai statue instead. This level's icon is one jungle combined with the castle with statues of knights and assasins in it.


  • This level is a reference to the second level in this game exept it does not have dragon statues and is not combined with the colosseum but instead, it is combined with the fortress.
  • Suggested Playable Characters are:
    • Finn the Human
    • Silver the Hedgehog (not on 3DS)
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Knuckles the Echidna (3DS only)
  • This is used as a level entry in Whole World Revisited.
  • This is not a reference to any levels from any other games.